Does Blogging make you Fat?

I feel a little like I sit down and blog more than I am active around the house.

I have noticed the sitting love handles getting a little bit bigger..?.

Hmmmm could it be the blogging?

The other day I did blow off exercise to check my blog.

Anybody else feel like this?

28 thoughts on “Does Blogging make you Fat?

  1. Sometimes I feel that focusing so much on weight loss in counterproductive. I’ve started to blog on other topics to have less emphasis on weight loss.

  2. I don’t think blogging makes you fat. I think not exercising or eating enough of the right foods makes you fat. Your blog isn’t going anywhere so if you want to spend 45 mins or less a day working on that seems reasonable. But I don’t think it should consume your life. I do agree with weight2lose2013 comment as well. Perhaps finding a balance will help.

  3. I know what you mean – more action less talk (or blog)! I have sometimes thought that if I spent the time I spend blogging running insteaD I’d be fitter! However sometimes when I’m running I push myself so that I can blog about it, or because I blogged that I would do it, so it’s a 2way street!

      • Sometimes you just connect with some like minded people and they can offer a lot of encouragement! It can be entertaining too! Keep up the good work! I like the way you get the kids involved. My son thinks it’s quite fun to do an exercise DVD with me, a mixture of novelty and competitiveness! Hopefully he is learning about health and exercise too.

    • True true I love the blogging community and find myself so interested in other peoples lives. I have made connections with people I could never find in my small town. thanks for seeing the humor in this post

  4. While I chuckle at the thought that while I blog about losing weight I’m contributing to the problem, I say there is way too much truth in the idea for me. I’m not only a blogger, I’m a novelist. And oh my goodness, yes. Sitting at the computer as my primary schedule is an issue!!

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