Sweat Everyday- By Any Means Necessary

Just another day at the gym…


This is a typical workout scene.










Drop the older kids off at school and start sweating









We all need to teach the youth how important it is to sweat everyday.

Look at them go!


Success one day closer to our dreams!


19 thoughts on “Sweat Everyday- By Any Means Necessary

  1. I like it! Getting the kids involved at an early age makes them understand that exercising is part of their daily routine.

  2. I like what you are doing. My baby is just 7 months and very attached to me. I am not able to go to the gym and not motivated to gym at home either. Hoping to resume gyming once she starts school. Nice Job

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  5. Thanks for the follow love. We LOVE getting follower at aphroditeandkiddscloset.wordpress.com. I don’t know you, but hell, it doesn’t matter. I’M PROUD OF YOU! It’s not easy getting your workout-on with kids. Your a goddess. Rock on.

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