To Band Or Not To Band?

Rachel and I got together this morning and we have been discussing the blog and our journey. While conversing we came upon the topic of surgeries or more to the point, banding your stomach. We would like to get everyones opinion on weather or not you have had, will have or will never have a surgery to lose weight. How far would you go to be thin?

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Much Love

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15 thoughts on “To Band Or Not To Band?

  1. Hey! Thanks for the follow. I love this post and this on going debate surrounding any type surgery to lose weight. In my opinion? It’s not needed. I can say from experience that hard work, dedication and a bit knowledge is what you need. I lost over 100lbs doing just that. When they say maintenance is the hardest part.. It truly is. I’ve gained a hefty amount of what I lost back but as of recent I’m ready to dive right back into it. My first go around it was about being thin. This time around I know enough to realize that I’m getting older and health is my main concern. It’s a lifetime battle that doesn’t stop when someone recognizes how thin you’ve become. I wish that was the case! Have a joyful day!

    • I don’t want to go under the knife because it scares me so it isn’t an option for everyone that is for sure. I think that if you struggle to lose weight which you and I have we really think twice before putting junk food in our mouths we so don’t want to go back to where we started from. Changing your habits may see better results in the long run – Plateaued Housewife

    • nikkig326 – well done for having lost so much but, sadly, your experience of putting weight back on, then being enthused to lose it again is all too common. Often, obesity is perceived to be the person’s own fault, and of course, to a certain extent it is, but I read recently that some scientists believe that our appetite is ‘hard wired’ into each of us so telling someone to eat less may not be the answer. Banding could help in these cases. I also heard of a new, simpler, balloon treatment that partially fills your stomach and makes you feel full after eating less. It has to be removed after 3 months but it gives you time to get used to eating less and, if you immediately gain weight once it’s removed, it may be telling you that diets alone are unlikely to work, long term, as you’re fighting your ‘hard wired’ appetite.

      • It seems that most people don’t like change. Hardwired is the truth. I often think if I never gave my children sugar and they didn’t know the taste then they wouldn’t want it. The normal response from people is that they will gorge on it when they are older? It is all about the youth teach the children right Much Love!

      • I think it’s too common because we aren’t really taught how to be healthy. It’s not a diet and it’s not an “eat less” situation. When I was first losing weight I fell for the “Only 100 calorie Special K Snack Chips!” tricks. Great! Only 100 calories! But… are they fueling my body? Are they giving me the nutrients I need to live? I view my first initial go around as a learning experience because it gave me the knowledge of knowing I was capable of doing something if I put my mind to it. I agree that our appetites are “hard-wired” to an extent. In these situations I believe it’s not the quantity of food that’s the probably but the quality. I do think it’s up to us to gain the knowledge and tools to really understand how to eat, though. Don’t get me wrong, I think surgery has helped a lot of people and will continue to help people. However, I think people use it as a go-to sometimes. A co-worker of mine actually had gastric bypass surgery last Summer. After the surgery she came back looking great but.. in her hand was a McDonalds Caramel Frappe. After she drank it, she was sick. She didn’t learn anything. When she was initially deciding on surgery I told her flat out that she didn’t need it. In fact, most people asked her to reconsider. Sorry for such a long response lol This is just something I feel incredibly passionate about. I continue to learn every day but I finally believe I’m on the true road to health 🙂

  2. Are you talking about Weight Loss Surgery? Lapband? LapSleeve? Gastric Bypass? If you mean that, then no. I am at a very high BMI. I have chosen to go the medical weight loss route, but I have denied surgery. I do not want to go under the knife unless it is *absolutely* necessary. I have had two major abdominal surgeries (c-section and a total hysterectomy via DaVinci robotic laparascopy surgery) and I do not like being put under. Healing from them is another concern of mine.

    Right now I am on a very low carb and high protein nutrition plan (since late October) and I am used to it now, measuring out food and watching what I eat. I just implemented going to the gym now, so I am hoping to see more results.

    • Wow yes those are major surgeries. I am with you I can’t even do needles I can’t imagine going under unless there is no other choice. Much love and love the title of your blog! hehehehe motherhood WOW – Plateaued Housewife

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