Ode to Stretch Marks – The scars of a fat housewife

Ode to Stretch Marks

Photo on 2014-02-03 at 11.44 #2Stretch marks Stretch marks how I loathe thee so

You have marked my body for everyone to know

I was once a fat girl hiding in my clothes

With your shiny silver appearance I feel like everyone knows

Pink, Purple and sometimes blue

Your faded colour has scarred me it’s true

No one can see the stretch marks on my brain

But the memories of hiding still remain

Laser, Tummy Tuck or Creams with boiled flesh in it

Maybe it’s time to just be zen with it

A reminder or a Battle Scar I need to choose

With a smile and a shrug I know I have nothing to lose

The bikini might wait for another day

But I am who I am no matter what way!


Much Love to my stretch marks,

The “Plateaued” Housewife

11 thoughts on “Ode to Stretch Marks – The scars of a fat housewife

  1. I so get this! Thank you for the chuckle and the solidarity! (As well as the follow.) I’m not sure that the stuff I’m doing for my hanging skin will help my stretch marks. Oh well. But hey, the many, many that came along with my babies–totally worth it. My husband calls them my battle scars. ;o)

    • Totally hear you and blessings sistren. I really needed to put the picture (which I avoid by the way) because I didn’t want people to think I was talking about baby stretch marks!!!! I am proud of those!

  2. 🙂 Love the poem 🙂

    The other way to look at it is battle scars, just like the stretch marks we get when pregnant, they are battle, or love, scars. They are the record of our past and help us remember how far we’ve come.

    • I sit back and think why did I let this get so far gone? I could be healthier and happier without stretch marks if I had just taken the time to care. Apathy is the killer of weight loss. You are right you can’t run away from yourself.

      • Yes it is.. but I’m sure that with the support system you have behind you that you’ll overcome any obstacle and hit your goal. Rejoice in the mini goals that you are hitting and keep an upbeat attitude and you’ll reach the end goal. I know it’s hard to do and I’m still working on my own but eventually I plan to get there, with a lot of hard work. lol

  3. I like the idea of stretch marks on the brain! Wonderful image. The ones on your body will fade with time and I guess a few stretch marks is better than the fat. If my eyesight wasn’t so bad I’d probably relies I have loads too 🙂 there are some advantages to having bad vision.

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